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Rev. Minister Pastor Dunu Agbesi Joseph and Grandmaster Roman Urban

 In this book, you will find plenty of space for a nice and dear sentence.

In diesem Buch finden Sie viel Platz. für einen netten und lieben Satz.


Papa Nikolaus
01.06.2022 05:04:48
I would like to say a big thank you to the family Dunu who took me in, provided me with accommodation and fed me during my time in Ghana. My special thanks to the little girl Angelic my sweet daughter who take care of and healed my wounds. I would also like to say a big thank you to Reverend Minister Pastor Dunu Agbesi Wife Mondesa who cooked for me. My thanks also go to Davido, who get me everything I needed and accompanied me everywhere. I miss you all and I am happy that I can come, back and hug you all with my heartfelt love.
The will of God brought us together with the aim of helping the weak people in society, especially our orphans. Our father in heaven prepared the way for us to build a school to feed and educate our children.
Last but not least my very special thanks also go to Isaac Williams who sponsored my classroom and apartment with his generous donation.
I wish you all God's blessings a long healthy life and much success here on our earth!